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Polar Plunge 4 People & Planet

Polar Plunge 4 People & Planet

Friday March 4th 2016 at 2:00 pm

The Parliament of Reality
Fisher Center for the Performing Arts
Bard College, NY

The Center for Environmental Policy announces the third-annual Polar Plunge 4 People & Planet! Students, faculty, staff and alums jump into icy waters to raise money for scholarships and internship stipends.

Why are we plunging?

Students at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy believe that solutions to environmental challenges, such as climate change, are best tackled from an integrated perspective. We pursue coursework in science, economics, law and policy, and an internship in the field equips us with the skills necessary to create competent policy. Our careers in environmental policy and climate science will create sustainable change for the future. 

During the first semester of our second year, we pursue high-level internships in climate science and environmental policy, in locations around the country and the world. These internships often lead to meaningful career opportunities, and allow us to gain valuable experience and contribute to the international conversation about climate change solutions while still in grad school. 

Where are we plunging?

We are plunging into the pond surrounding the Parliament of Reality, the installation by the world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson, in front of Bard's Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. Eliasson's work challenges us to question the nature of our relationship with the environment, both man-made and natural.

Reality is a world that will soon be home to 9 billion people, all aspiring to a good quality of life. Reality is a world that will heat up somewhere between 4 and 12 degrees over our student’s lifetimes. A Parliament is a place to gather to solve problems.

Join us on Friday, March 4th at 2pm to support students, faculty, staff and alumni from CEP as we plunge into icy waters. There will be music, costume contests, water entry contests, and community revelry. Any member of the Bard community who wishes to contribute $5 on the spot to CEP is welcome to leap into the Parliament of Reality with us! 

Join Us!

CEP students have committed their working lives to changing the future.  
Please support our third annual Polar Plunge 4 People & Planet.
Funds raised by the Polar Plunge 4 People & Planet will be allocated to:

Scholarship and Internship stipends, Class of 2017

Questions: Email: jofrench@bard.edu